Millions of people are owed money from HMRC

You could be owed thousands of ££££’s from HMRC from PPI Tax Refunds,
Tax over payments or unclaimed Marriage, Mileage and Expenses Allowance.

Did you know you paid tax on your PPI Refund?

Millions people have been taxed incorrectly on their PPI Refunds.

If you’ve had a PPI pay out in the last 4 years then it’s likely you paid tax before you got paid.

Tax Tree can help you reclaim this back!

Have you heard of Marriage Allowance?
Many couples are unaware that they are entitled to claim up to £1,220.00 !

2.4 million qualifying couples are missing out in the UK

If you OR your partner are a non-tax payer Tax Tree can help you claim this allowance in the way of a refund!
Are you claiming for Mileage or Expenses?
Many people don’t know they can claim up to £2,500 per tax year for work expenses

It doesn’t matter what your job is, if you buy your own tools or travel to different places of work, you could be eligible for a tax refund. Tax Tree can help you reclaim this back!  

How can we help you?

We are a HMRC registered tax agent, this means we passed all the relevant checks from HMRC to be able to help you claim your money back. We have put together the best team to make sure we are able to claim any refunds you are entitled to.

Our simple online tax refund form makes it super easy for you to get back what is rightfully yours.

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